TCI 105 H.D.

Non-aqueous long-life, biodegradable maintenance cleaning fluid

Orange peel

Product Presentation

TCI 105 H.D. is a ready to use high flash point, non-corrosive, low evaporation rate, low toxicity liquid formula. It is made from virgin stock natural orange extracts and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents, biodegradable detergents, and emulsifiers for degreasing and decarbonizing all types of metal and water resistant surfaces.

This built formulation quickly penetrates the organic/aqueous soil structure and breaks it up into emulsifiable particles for easy rinsing with hot or cold water.

Special safety features

TCI 105 H.D. is combustible in its usable form. It becomes non-flammable and does not promote the spread of fire when introduced to water. Accidental splashing into the eyes is removed quickly with a cold water flush.

Process Introduction

TCI 105 H.D. is designed for recirculating parts/brake washers, soak tanks, or mechanical spray systems. The performance is superior to varsol-based cleaning methods on heavy grime in industrial, automotive, aviation, and agricultural applications. Cleans entire spectrum of hydrophobic (oil) and hydrophilic (water) based soil compositions. The parts cleaned and rinsed with water will not flash rust. TCI 105 H.D. is non-corrosive to ferrous, non-ferrous, and white metals. It is safe on most plastics and rubbers. Pretest on painted surfaces e.g. lettering, logos, and murals.

Solution Disposal

According to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regulation 347 and local municipal by-laws, the cleaning process has generated a liquid industrial waste. Do not dispose in waste oil. The waste water rinse is biodegradable and non-flammable when emulsified with water prior to discharging to sanitary sewer.

The spent waste solvent is removed as provincial waste class 213 I from the parts/brake washer cleaning system by Tetra-Chem Industries Ltd. for for recycling or refining as an alternative energy source at no charge on delivery of fresh product.

Ontario certificate of approval: A 800506

Process Specificity

TCI 105 H.D. is ideal for all types of parts cleaning systems i.e. immersion, ultra-sonic, vibratory, and spray cleaning methods with a tremendous soil loading capacity. It is designed to instantly remove all of carbon, tar/ashphalt, oils, dirt, all greases, inks, metallic particles, undercoatings and overspray, smut and varnish as well as a combination of these soils from any surface. The entire complex is emulsifiable in hot or cold water. Leaves no undesirable film on any surface. Prevents fish-eye formation when painting surfaces. Short exposure is not harmful to paint. Use TCI 105 H.D. only in manufacturer’s approved cleaning systems. Use as supplied and introduce directly to: recirculating tanks fabricated with non-sparking aluminum materials such as our Model 015, Model 075, or Model 100 Parts Washers equipped with 5–25 micron filter. Agitate the parts with a flow through brush until clean. If necessary, remove excess residue by flushing with water for an ultra clean dielectric surface.

The cleaning performance and longevity is 10 times superior to recycled solvent products. At the delivered product stage, it does not contain known contamination carcinogens which cannot be removed in the distillation process from recycled waste solvent collections.

TCI 105 H.D. has a built-in prolonged performance expectancy of up to 5 times over all virgin mineral spirit type solvent products and 10 times for recycled solvents. The cleaning efficiency remains high even at the top end of the soil load spectrum.

Drag-out losses are greatly reduced by the sheathing action of the surfactants and the special drip tray provided. Although its evaporation rate is extremely low, its physical properties are still subject to atmospheric temperature and pressure.