TCI 114 H.D.

Waterless heavy duty d-limonene mechanic’s hand cleaner with microscrubbers and moisturizers for healthy skin

Product Presentation

TCI 114 H.D. is a triple function healing hand cleaner. Conditioners for dry, chapped and cracked skin, cleaners for the entire soil spectrum as well as abrasive action. This thick gel formulation combines the cleaning ability of a detergent and the grease cutting action of a non-harmful citrus solvent extract. All components are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This formulation is designed to the maximum degree of soil complexity. Contains lanolin and glycerine to guard and protect against cracking the skin on hands and finger tips common to mechanics in cold weather conditions when humidity is very low.

Process Introduction

TCI 114 H.D. is designed for safe use on water resistant surfaces to remove soils and compound soils e.g. carbonaceous residues, compacted grease, oily fluids, tar, asphalt, varnish and varathane, adhesives, glues and cements, gum & resin sap, chewing gum in hair and on fabrics, paints, printers and silk screening inks, silicones, metal oxides and aqueous compounds. Cleans dirt quickly, rinses squeaky clean with water and deposits an anti-static moisture absorbent.

Process Specificity

Use the Hygiene Technik wall mount dispensing and delivery system provided:

1 squirt or 1 ml of TCI 114 H.D. is required for light dirt.

2 squirts or 2 ml of TCI 114 H.D. is required for medium dirt.

3 squirts or 3 ml of TCI 114 H.D. is required for heavy dirt.

Rub and massage well to gain skin conditioning features and benefits. Either wipe dirt onto a rag or rinse thoroughly with warm or cold water and towel dry.