TCI 307 H.D.

Biodegradable cement, lime, scale, concrete and rust remover (ready to use)

Product Presentation

TCI 307 H.D. is a ready to use concentrated complex liquid formulation of environmentally friendly non-fuming, mild odour organic acid salts with stable biodegradable wetting agents for clean-up of residual lime, mortar, concrete and calcium chloride deposits.

The strength is equivalent to any concentrated product on the market. 3 kg of TCI 307 H.D. will dissolve 1 kg of lime related products.

TCI 307 H.D. is inhibited against metal substrate corrosion by 99.9% except on aluminum. This product can be used indoors without the staff being overcome by fumes from muriatic acid. The equipment in the shop such as tools will not rust.

Process Introduction

TCI 307 H.D. formula effectively removes light to heavy deposits of residual cement, concrete, mortar, calcium chloride efflorescence, rust, scale, lime, drywall compound, stucco stains and plaster with minimal time and effort.

It is designed for the construction industry to assure that equipment used in hauling cement, on-site process concrete mixers, ready-mix trucks and chutes are in good working condition for each batch and during batching. It is used for the clean-up of splatter, tools, forms, wheelbarrows, etc.

Application Procedure

This procedure is for trained personnel only

Small tools manual cleaning method: For cleaning of small tools in the maintenance shop or off-site use a plastic pail or immersion tray and brush or soak. Pour the remaining liquid back into the original shipping container.

Large areas, tools and equipment cleaning method:

To start the cleaning process, set up the manufacturer’s approved chemical applicator system. The system draws the cleaner directly from the shipping container and delivers it through a variable length chemical resistant discharge hose directly to the dirty equipment without the cleaning crew having to handle or come in close proximity with a hazardous situation. The application is automatically controlled by the flow on demand at the shut-off valve on the trigger applicator wand.


Do not spray TCI 307 H.D. directly onto a hot aluminum surface since it will result in stains or damage.

Use a pressure washer with a 2000–3000 psi and 3–4 gpm operating capacity. Be your own judge as to the best time for the procedure. The best time and place is in a controlled environment. Now apply the chemical solution as a spray/foam or brush to a manageable surface area starting from the bottom and working up. Assure complete and even spray/foam coverage so that the entire surface is done at the same time. Once the application is complete, re-apply the product to the remaining heavy encrustations and allow approximately a 15-30 minute chemical exposure time. Exposure time is directly proportional to soil thickness. Brushing is optional.

Rinse the entire article with high pressure (2500–3000 psi) cold water starting at the bottom and consistently moving with a 6 inch fan or less in a horizontal pattern until the top is reached. Check the pH of ground contamination and block off possible storm sewer run-off. This cleaning process does not generate a hazardous waste.