TCI 3300-50 H.D.

All-season global long life engine coolant/antifreeze 50/50 heat transfer fluid (−37°C)

Product Presentation

TCI 3300–50 H.D. is a ready to use low viscosity RED liquid. It is a blend of mono and di ethylene glycol and Chloride free deionized water. This features a water/glycol freeze point depression to −37°C.

A dual synergistic inhibitor package of Organic Acid Technology is responsible for the corrosion protection developed for this coolant. OATs are Long Life Coolants (LLC), based on minimally depleting Carboxylate Technology. This technology provides superior protection to all components of the cooling system including brass, copper, aluminum and magnesium found in the modern day engines heat sink circulation system.

Unlike the past traditional coolant packages containing amines, borates, nitrites and silicates and the need for regular additions of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA’s) at scheduled service intervals is thus no longer required, providing a true Long Life product. In some heavy duty diesel applications you may see a reference to a Coolant Extender. A Coolant Extender can be used with an OAT coolant to top-up certain additives at the products half life which is typically around 480,000 kms. In general OAT based corrosion inhibitors are recognized for their non-toxic properties making them readily biodegradable in compliance with any environmental and occupational health & safety obligations.

Caution: poison. Sweet odour & taste. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Process Introduction

TCI 3300–50 H.D. is designed for use in the recirculating cooling system of all kinds of global motorized equipment and transportation vehicles to maintain efficient engine temperature.

TCI 3300-50 H.D. has excellent thermal conductivity, high specific heat and low viscosity. It maintains good thermal distribution between the different mechanical parts and metal compositions so as to restrict thermal expansion and retain operating clearances.

TCI 3300-50 H.D. prevents sludge formation in the cooling system’s water galleries which can impede the heat transfer efficiency over time resulting in costly engine and radiator failure.

Process Specificity

This prescribed ready-to-use formulation TCI 3300–50 H.D. is a functional engine coolant that meets the following performance requirements for:

  • ASTM D3306, D4985, D6210, D7583
  • JIS K2234
  • AS/NZS 2108.1:1997 “Type A”
  • Kenworth R026-170-97
  • BS 6580, BS5117
  • MACK 014GS17004
  • Caterpillar EC-1
  • MAN 324
  • CID-A-A-52624
  • MTU MTL 5048
  • Cummins 3666132, 14603
  • PACCAR CS0185
  • Detroit Diesel 7SE 298, 93K217
  • Peterbilt 8502.002
  • Freightliner 48-22880
  • TMC RP 338
  • GM 1825M, 1899M and Heavy Truck
  • TMC RP 329B
  • Navistar/ ITE CEMS B-1
  • Volvo

Contact supplier for safe product application procedures. TCI 3300-60 H.D. provides freeze protection to –50°C.