TCI 4608 H.D.

New concept cleaning power. Safe on all surfaces. Brushable, high-suds, cold process road film remover producing a high gloss shine without wax.

Product Presentation

TCI 4608 H.D. is a biodegradable detergent precisely formulated to attack and release the asphalt road film soil structure on all surfaces encountered in the transportation industry and protect against salt corrosion. The active ingredients are super concentrated. Dilution with water is done on site.

TCI 4608 H.D. features personal and environmental safety, compact storage, economical and energy saving shipping costs.

It can handle all the daily cleaning requirements even with hard water conditions when used according to directions.

Process Introduction

TCI 4608 H.D. is proportionally metered directly from the shipping container into the pre-spray stage of the bus wash system. No flammability risk. By performing a simple test determine the desired dilution strength (1000:1–2000:1). Product consumption is thus reduced to the absolute minimum requirement.

Due to its high sudsing nature, it provides excellent lubricity to the bristles of the brushes when agitating on the surfaces. Enormous water savings are realized when the surface is finally rinsed with cold water since there is no residual alkalinity to be flushed off. (NOTE: Alkalinity precipitates as spots)

Process Specificity

The process can be implemented for cleaning all types of painted surfaces, chrome, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum (daily or weekly maintenance will not tarnish or dull wheels, fuel tanks or bodies) stainless steel, including all truck, car and bus accessories. The cleaning can be performed outside or in a wash bay without risk to property, personal and the environment. No corrosive or detrimental effects.

The finished product will be streak free, spotless and protected by an electrostatic neutral film that improves vision and reflectivity of light.