TCI 520 H.D.

Stainless steel and aluminum brightener concentrate for truck wash facilities and mobile operators

Product Presentation

TCI 520 H.D. is a clear liquid concentrate of environmentally friendly dilute acids with powerful biodegradable surface active agents. It is designed for the retention and restoration of high optical reflectivity and passification of stainless steel, as well brightening of all aluminum metal surfaces.

Process Introduction

Formula TCI 520 H.D. is designed to effectively remove residual dirt, oils, black welding & diesel soot, boot marks, stencil marks, rust & oxidation on painted surfaces, smut, grease, atmospheric contamination on fiberglass and painted siding, corrosion & oxide films from aluminum and stainless steel surfaces.

Process Specificity

TCI 520 H.D. is applied as a light mist to the surface to be cleaned using the Manufacturer’s approved Chemical Applicator Manifold System (see brochure). This product is designed for cleaning manufactured products such as horse trailers, cattle pots, recycling trucks, feed carriers, semi dumps, bulk carriers (milk, flour, cement, petroleum, etc.) wheels and fuel tanks at the maintenance facility of the owner or fleet operators.

Application Procedure

To start operation, set up the chemical applicator manifold system and regulate the air pressure to 340–400 kPa (50–60 psi). The pump will operate automatically by starting and stopping the flow on demand at the wand.


Do not spray TCI 520 H.D. directly onto a hot metal surface since it will alter the chemistry resulting in staining. Walk around the whole unit being treated and thoroughly cool and wet the entire surface on a hot sunny day. The best time is on overcast days, shadow side and early in the morning or evenings. Premix 2 L concentrate to 23 L of water and spray the chemical solution directly from the drum onto the metal surface with pressure washer ready for rinsing. Apply the chemical solution as a spray to 2 metre sections of aluminum surface on the units body starting from the bottom and working up. Assure complete thin film coverage. Once the application is complete, allow approximately a 1 minute chemical exposure time. Exposure time is directly proportional to soil thickness. Brushing is optional.

Rinse the section with high pressure cold water starting at the bottom and consistently moving with a 10 cm fan or less in a horizontal pattern until the top is reached. Then rinse all residual chemical solution thoroughly from the surface working from the top.

Apply TCI 520 H.D. for a second time as a thin film to the entire aluminum surfaces. This will produce an even satin finish. As the new aluminum surface is now exposed to the air it will form a natural aluminum oxide film protecting it against pit corrosion. Accessories on finished products, such as light assemblies, reflectors, plastics, brass, stainless steel, hard chrome, decals, logos, wood, tarps, mud flaps or rubber tires are not altered or defaced by this chemical solution when used according to directions. Glass should be protected from chemical exposure by wetting the surface and immediately rinsing with water. This process does not affect painted surfaces or glass and mirrors as long as the chemical solution does not dry. Unprotected steel surfaces are prone to flash rusting and should be protected with a protective oil or repainted.


Do not let any chemical dry on the surface. Wind drift chemical spray is a potential danger. Concentrated chemical without water may stain surfaces if not rinsed. Use TCI 503 H.D. on polished aluminum.