TCI 523 H.D.

Extruded aluminum oxidation cleaner & polish with no residual chemical corrosion (ready-to-use)

Product Presentation

TCI 523 H.D. is an amber coloured formulation of mild acids and powerful biodegradable surface active detergents.

TCI 523 H.D. is pumped from the shipping container and applied to the surface as is. This solution is made of high foaming detergents for fast surface coverage and thorough soil penetration. This product is designed for cleaning fabricated aluminum articles and previously etched aluminum and extruded aluminum on horse, livestock and trash trailers only.

Process Introduction

The applied solution formulation is designed to effectively remove deeply embedded road films, dirt, oils, diesel soot, black welding soot, corrosion and oxide coatings without etching the surface to a white finish or leaving undesirable streaks. This procedure should only have to be used twice a year. In the meantime, regular washing should be done with TCI 710 H.D. Every time you clean, another layer of silicate protection is added to the aluminum to protect against salt corrosion.


The cleaning procedure generates less than 1 ppm of phosphates in its sole use as TCI 523 H.D. on aluminum.

This is in compliance with waste water sewer discharge. Studies on waste wash water being discharged on the ground showed that based on Spectrum Analytic Inc. published article on Cation Exchange Capacity, show that phosphates are unique among the negatively charged ions, in that they are not mobile in the soil. This is because they are highly reactive, and nearly all of them will combine with other elements or compounds in the soil, other than clay and organic matter. The resulting compounds are not soluble, thus they precipitate out of soil solution. In this state, they are unavailable to plants, and form the phosphorus reserve in the soil.

Process Specificity

This procedure is for trained personnel only

To start operation, set up the chemical applicator manifold system and regulate the air pressure to 340–400 kPa (50–60 psi). The pump will operate automatically by starting and stopping the flow on demand at the wand.

CAUTION: Do not spray TCI 523 H.D. directly onto a hot metal surface since it will alter the chemistry resulting in staining. Walk around the whole unit being treated and thoroughly cool and wet the entire surface on a hot sunny day. The best time is early in the morning or evenings. Spray the chemical solution directly from the drum onto the metal surface and have the pressure washer ready for rinsing. Apply the chemical solution as a spray to the entire surface of the units body starting from the bottom and working up. Assure complete thin film coverage. Once the application is complete, allow approximately a 5–10 min chemical exposure time. Exposure time is directly proportional to soil thickness. Brushing is optional.

Rinse the section with high pressure at 3000 psi water starting at the bottom and consistently moving with a 10 cm fan or less in a horizontal pattern until the top is reached. Then rinse all residual chemical solution thoroughly from the surface working from the top down. Be sure to always rinse the chemical solution overspray from other sections in the same fashion. Residual chemical activity causes pit corrosion over time. Special cautions apply to the bulk carriers because of their rounded tops. When the entire unit is complete, a final water rinse will assure no residual chemical activity on the aluminum surface.