TCI 711 H.D.

Brushless biodegradable vehicle wash & shine powder (maximum water hardness tolerance)

Product Presentation

TCI 711 H.D. is a blend of powerful biodegradable ingredients and detergents (no nonyl phenol ethoxylates) precisely formulated to attack and release the soil structure on surfaces encountered in the transportation industry.

The effluent water will have a pH not greater than 8 in compliance with sewer discharge.

Through a patented process the active ingredients are concentrated, solidified and ground into an easy to use white powder. Reconstitution with water is done on site.

TCI 711 H.D. features personal safety, compact storage, economical and energy saving transportation; one product that can handle the toughest jobs when used according to directions. This product is not designed to be applied via the downstream injection attachments that are commonly installed on hot/cold pressure washers.

Process Introduction

TCI 711 H.D. is charged directly from the shipping container (Portion Packs) to the mixing tank supplied. Add the recommended quantity of warm water and stir. No flammability risk. By performing a simple pre-test determine the desired strength.

An electric (12 VDC or 115 VAC) or gauged regulated compressed air operating system quatro-diaphragm demand pump mounted directly in the wash bay or mobile truck/trailer near the cleaning detergent reservoir is used to prespray the surfaces to be cleaned with a 3–6′ wand and 100′ hose. The operating pumps are regulated to 50–60 PSI giving a precise, even coverage. Product consumption is reduced to the absolute required minimum. Enormous labour savings realized when the surface is finally rinsed with cold water at 4 gallons per minute and 3000 PSI. For winter conditions reaching –20°C we supplement the cleaning detergent with anti-freeze to obtain the same cleaning ability and performance as if the outdoor temperature conditions were ambient +20°C.

Process Specificity

The process can be implemented for cleaning all types of painted surfaces, chrome, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum (daily or weekly maintenance will not tarnish or dull wheels, fuel tanks or bodies) stainless steel, including all truck accessories. The cleaning can be performed outside or in a wash bay without risk to property, personal and the environment.

TCI 711 H.D. has no corrosive or other detrimental effects. Rinses easily with cold or hot water. The finished surface will be streak free, spotless and protected by an invisible inert electrostatic bonding film that improves reflectivity of light and therefore appears shiny.

5 oz/gal = Brushless.

1 oz/gal = Brushing.


Do not spray any chemical on to a hot surface.