TCI 712 H.D.

Brushless degreaser: weld spatter guard, engines, diesel exhaust smoke, side curtain trailer cleaner

Product Presentation

TCI 712 H.D. features a new brushless concept in the form of a super concentrated green liquid formulation that combines the cleaning ability of biodegradable detergents, environmentally friendly sequestering agents and grease cutting alkalis. Designed with phosphate free chemistry. The water adjustable concentration strength is based on the degree of soil complexity encountered in the transportation industry (Trains, Trucks & Trailers, Utility Trucks, Aircraft, Ships & Boats, Agricultural Equipment e.g. Livestock and Dry Feed Bulk Carriers, Buses, RVs, Cars and Vans) at ambient temperatures. Safe on all common surfaces when used according to directions.

Process Introduction

TCI 712 H.D. is designed for brushless vehicle washing when applied with the manufacturer’s approved stationary Chemical Proportioner Applicator System (See Brochure) and sprayed as a light mist directly from the mixing tank onto the surface to be cleaned. The preportioned solution breaks the soil matrix quickly which is then affected by a high pressure (2000–3000 psi) cold water rinse.

TCI 712 H.D. is ideal for removing heavy encrustation of mud, bug splatter, excreta and road film with ease, lime dust & oxides from all surfaces sensitive to acid type cleaning solutions, automotive exhaust soot, weld spatter guard, oil, grease including grime. The chemical solution rinses freely and is thus harmless to cold aluminum articles and paint over time. This formulation improves light reflectivity by leaving a rich luxurious sheen behind.

Process Specificity

Premix TCI 712 H.D. Concentrate with water to suit the application either manually or with the recommended chemical proportioner depending on soil complexity and accumulated build-up.

The process can be implemented for cleaning all types of painted surfaces, chrome, ferrous and non-ferrous metals (steel and copper), white metals (cold surface aluminum and magnesium) where daily or weekly maintenance will not tarnish or dull wheels, fuel tanks, bodies, stainless steel or truck accessories. Enormous time and labour savings are realized when the surface is rinsed with cold soft to medium hard water at 4 gpm and 2000–3000 psi.