Our Waste Management Services  

Ministry Of the Environment & Energy
Certificate Of Approval


Ontario Waste Streams


A 800 506

  Acid Waste : 112, 113  
      Alkaline Waste : 121, 122, 123  
      Aqueous Salts : 131, 132  


  Paints, Pigments and Coatings : 145  
      Organic Waste : 211, 212, 213  
      Resins and Plastics : 231  
      Halogenated Organic Waste : 241  
      Oily Wastes : 251, 252, 253  

Our Professional Vacuum Equipment



Do you generate hazardous waste? 

With our helpful staff we can make your generator tasks on the HWIN network easier. Annual re-registration is required.

Manifests are required to track waste.

HWIN uses electronic or paper Manifests to track the movement of waste. Sample Manifest

If you require a Waste Generator Number.

To register with Ontario's HWIN website simply click the HWIN link below and click "Registration" in the top left hand corner. If you require assistance you may call HWIN our call our staff and we will be happy to help walk you thru.

HWIN phone 1-888-494-6663                        TETRA-CHEM phone 1-888-658-5515.