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2023 is our 41st anniversary of formulating unique cleaning solutions, designing waste management systems, innovative engineering technology and safe chemical application systems.


We are very proud to offer a variety of easy care, value guarding products for MULTIPLE industries. Our website details product performance and visual performance videos. Our coaching team will personally match products to your needs and benefits with confidence. 

Enviornmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Our code of personal and professional conduct is to gather for the benefit of all. To teach, educate, anoint, praise, exalt, bless, love, preach, believe, give thanks, cherish, honor, call on, apply and trust the principles of nature. 



                                                                                                      AL Struthmann President & CEO (Hon. B.Sc. Biochemistry)



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TCI Vimeo Page

View TCI Demos & Product videos using the link below! Official Vimeo Link: https://vimeo.com/user67068804

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Tetra-Chem Newsletter 2021 August Edition

Mechanic Hand Cleaning and Hand Sanitation

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TCI Parts Washer 2021

This year at Tetra-Chem the signature Parts washer has gotten a upgrade!

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