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Tetra-Chem.com Product Catalogue 2024

All new and existing products at tetra-chem for the 2024 season

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TCI Pictures

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Tetra-Chem Newsletter 2021 August Edition

Mechanic Hand Cleaning and Hand Sanitation

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TCI Parts Washer 2021

This year at Tetra-Chem the signature Parts washer has gotten a upgrade!

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TCI Soap Dispensers are here!

Choose your size of dispenser in the Chemical Applicator Systems tab of the website. Take your dispensing approved chemical into a wall dispenser coming in 2 sizes 500mL & 1000mL. Perfect for the front of businesses, entry & exit. Keeping you and your employees safe.

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Tetra-chem is now on Facebook!

Give us a like here at www.facebook.com/TetraChemLTD  

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