Frequently Asked Questions

That’s up to you and your budget. Tetra-Chem has distributors across Canada that are ready to help you and your needs.

Give us a call for more information 519-485-4370

Or email at info@tetra-chem.com

We currently perform a complementary needs assessment.

For more specific inquiries email Info@tetra-chem.com to learn more.


We have our own fleet of licenced chemical product delivery service in Ontario.

We are licenced by the Ministry of Enviornment for transportation of chemical waste classes.

We have our own fleet of service vehicles for installation, maintenance & repair service of ALL our equipment installations.


We have a team of specialized service technicans to service ALL of our equipment installations.

More info contact Info@tetra-chem.com

Tetra-Chem Industries carries all products manufactured in house. Our products originate and evolve with the needs of our customers. Industries include:  Aerospace/Aviation industry, Argicultrual, Marine/Freighter, Machine shop/Welding, Public transportation, Silk Screening, Trucking, Water treatment purfication & More!

We offer executive quality products to major companies around Ontario, Canada & US.

Give us a call today, to learn more about your specific needs!

Monday - Friday

8:00 Am - 4:30 Pm

(Hours subject to change based on national holidays)

Most of our equipment is serviced at no charge under a limited warranty.

Warranties depend on the manufactures recomendations.