TCI Parts Washer 2021

Our parts washers are custom built and designed from aluminum. Aside from the long list of features and specifications, what makes our parts washer models truly shine is what is on the inside! When used with TCI 105 H.D. and other 100 series solvents you will have powerful, safe cleaning abilities unlike varsol and other mineral spirits. Our 100 series products including TCI 105 H.D. have the cleaning performance and longevity that is superior to recycled solvent products. At the finished product stage, it does not contain known contamination carcinogens which cannot be removed in the distillation process from recycled waste solvent collections. TCI 105 H.D. has a build-in prolonged performance expectancy of up to five times over all mineral spirit type solvent products. We also have free waste removal (Ontario Customers Only).