TCI 107 H.D.

Semi-conductive ultra-purity aliphatic parts cleaning solvent

Product Presentation

TCI 107 H.D. Aliphatic Homogeneous Solvent Degreaser is derived from a virgin stock of high purity, clear colourless liquids. Ideal alternative as a user friendly solution to olfactory repulsive products. It does not alter odours as a diluent. It is slightly soluble or emulsifiable in water. The cleaning performance is superior to petroleum distillates e.g. varsol.

TCI 107 H.D. is non-conductive and non-corrosive (no ionization), thus does not promote flash rusting. It has a high flash point.

Process Introduction

TCI 107 H.D. is an innovative new liquid multi-purpose cleaning product designed to meet today’s progressive maintenance needs. It is ideal for all applications where stricter environmental pollution standards and stringent health and safety criteria require a product that is safer.

TCI 107 H.D. is readily biodegradable and contains no Hazardous Atmospheric Pollutants (HAPs). It is designed to remove oil, dirt, grease, tar, varnish and a combination of this dirt from any metal, plastic, rubber and ceramic surfaces with minimal agitation. Cleaning of contaminated parts rinse and dry film free.

TCI 107 H.D. does not harm cured paints while soaking or after the surface has been washed.

Solution Disposal

According to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regulation 347 and local municipal by-laws, the cleaning process has generated a liquid industrial waste. Do Not Dispose Of In Waste Oil.

The waste water rinse is biodegradable and non-flammable when emulsified with water prior to discharging to sanitary sewer. The spent waste solvent is removed as Waste Stream 213 I from the parts washer system by Tetra-Chem Industries Ltd. for recycling or refining as an alternative energy source at no charge on delivery of fresh product.

Ontario Certificate Of Approval: A 800506.

Process Specificity

TCI 107 H.D. is used at full strength. It is designed for the machine shop, electronics, steel and aluminum fabricators, engine rebuilders, auto electric rebuilders, transmission rebuilders, automotive service, aviation, marine and agricultural related industries. It is versatile and economical. It is ideal for immersion and recirculating solvent parts washer tanks like Model 010, Model 045, Model 075, and Model 100.

Use TCI 107 H.D. only in manufacturer’s approved cleaning systems such as vibratory finishers, media shakers, media tumblers and air siphon guns. The surfaces being cleaned can air dry or be mechanically dried by forced air without leaving contaminating residues.

The cleaning performance and longevity is superior to recycled solvent products. at the finished product stage, it does not contain contamination carcinogens which can’t be removed in the distillation process from recycled waste solvent collections.

TCI 107 H.D. has an intrinsic characteristic that prolongs the performance expectancy of up to two to three times when compared to all other recycled petroleum distillate type solvent products. The cleaning efficiency remains high even at the top end of the soil load spectrum.