TCI 110 H.D.

Non-toxic water emulsifiable solvent for plastisol inks as screen and tool cleaner in containment screen washer

Product Presentation

TCI 110 H.D. is a blended aliphatic solvent of high purity, clear, medium viscosity liquid with a pleasant ether aroma. Its physical properties are designed to solubilize the plastisol printing ink matrix in the cleaning process of screens, tools and rollers. Ideal as a user friendly solution to olfactory repulsive products. Screens rinse film free with water. The cleaning performance is superior to mineral spirits e.g. varsol. It has a high boiling point, low evaporation rate and high flash point (See SDS) for greater safety.

Process Introduction

TCI 110 H.D. is a safe, low toxicity product. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This multi-purpose cleaning product is designed to meet today’s progressive maintenance needs. It is ideal for all applications where stricter environmental pollution standards and stringent health and safety criteria require a product that is safer. It is designed to remove printing inks from any metal, wood, rubber, plastic and silk screen surfaces with minimal agitation.

Process Specificity

TCI 110 H.D. is used at full strength. It is used the graphics imprinting textile or labelling industry. It is versatile and economical. It is ideal for “brush cleaning” in our recirculating tanks such as Model 45 silk screen washer or other custom designed models. Please ask our technical design department. This method captures all the waste ink in the bottom of the cleaning tank for proper waste disposal and treatment instead of injecting it into the septic system or sanitary sewer.

It is also ideal for “spray & agitate” cleaning and rinsed with a low pressure power washer. This method requires a drain interceptor to capture the waste ink before injecting it into the septic system or sanitary sewer. Please ask our technical design department for fabrication, installation and compliance.

Solution Disposal

According to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regulation 347 and local municipal by-laws, the cleaning process has generated a liquid industrial waste. Tetra-Chem Industries Ltd. provides a waste disposal management system at regular intervals or at the customer’s request at no charge.

Ontario certificate of approval: A800506.