TCI 112 H.D.

Biodegradable aqueous ultra-purity vinyl graphics glue & adhesive stripper

Vinyl remover

Product Presentation

TCI 112 H.D. biodegradable solvent vinyl graphics glue and adhesive stripper is a neutral, concentrated, high flash point, non-corrosive amber liquid formulation incorporating several natural complex hydrocarbon solvents with detergents and emulsifiers for solubilizing almost all types of glues and adhesives commonly used in the vinyl graphics industry on all types of metal and painted surfaces. It quickly penetrates the organic or aqueous compound structure and breaks it up into emulsifiable particles for easy rinsing with hot or cold water.

Process Specificity

TCI 112 H.D. is applied with a low pressure spray system using either a pressurized tank sprayer e.g. Sure-Shot / weed sprayer or siphon gun mechanism. In the graphics industry it is suitable for the removal of all types of residual glues and adhesives after the decals or graphics are removed. Spray on, soak for a minute, agitate with a stiff brush or just power wash off. In the T-Shirt Imprinting industry the overspray of spray mist adhesive on process equipment can be pre-soaked and removed easily using a cold water power washer. TCI 112 H.D. will not affect metal or painted surfaces during exposure.

Process Introduction

Important notice: Apply product before introducing water to the glue or adhesive. Spray and wipe or use a fine spray and thoroughly soak the area to be cleaned. Allow 1–20 minutes for penetration depending on the type of glue and adhesive thickness. Agitate with a stiff brush to dissolve the soil matrix. Rinse with water via a damp cloth, hot or cold water power washer. Area cleaned with TCI 112 H.D. and rinsed with water will be film free for further operations. Pretest on painted surfaces before using.