TCI 1240-5 H.D.

Silk screen photo-emulsion stripper (ready to use-spray application)

Product Presentation

TCI 1240-5 H.D. silk screen photo-emulsion stripper is a ready to use clear aqueous liquid formulation for the Textile Screen Printing Industry.

Process Introduction

For the removal of photo-emulsions on silk screens in the textile or t-shirt and balloon imprinting industry.

Process Specificity

Fill the spray bottle or applicator with TCI 1240-5 H.D. directly from the shipping container using the manufacturer’s recommended dispensing and filling station. Place the screen into the wash booth. Apply a very light spray or mist to the curred photo-emulsion on both sides of the screen. The emulsion instantly disintegrates. No further agitation is required. Immediately use a cold water pressure washer at 800–1000 psi and at close range wash away the residue as shown in the picture.

Note: The cleaning process may generate a hazardous industrial waste. Comply with Canadian Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change regulation 347 and local municipal by-laws.

Comply with USA EPA’s federal, state, and local regulations.

Tetra-Chem Industries Ltd. is licensed by the MOECC for waste management.

Ontario certificate of approval A800506 for your specific waste class