TCI 2000-50 H.D.

All-season DI windshield washer fluid, lime, dust, and bug cleaner (–45°C) ready-to-use

Product Presentation

TCI 2000–50 H.D. is a blue liquid. It is a blend of methyl alcohol and distilled water. This features a water/alcohol freeze point depression to −45°C.

A dual synergistic detergent system delivers instant wetting and lubrication of the glass surfaces to quickly, effectively, and economically cleanse and flush the road grime, lime dust, bug splatter, salt spray as well as frost, ice & snow away.

It reduces friction of the wiper blades for a smooth chatter-free performance.

Excellent crystal clear vision!

For Your Information

TCI 2000 H.D. is a concentrated composition −75°C allowing selective use in extremely cold weather conditions.

Process Introduction

TCI 2000–50 H.D. is designed for use in the windshield washer fluid reservoir of all motorized transportation vehicles.

Process Specificity

This prescribed ready-to-use concentrated formulation is functional as a windshield washer antifreeze and as an in-transit antifreeze for hot/cold power washers at sub-zero temperature. Ask your supplier for safe product application procedures.