TCI 2010 NOx Envirocare

Ultra pure diesel exhaust fluid (32.5% urea)

Product Presentation

TCI 2010 NOx Envirocare™ is a ready to use clear blue liquid that is non-toxic, safe to handle, and environmentally friendly. It is a solution of pure deionized water and 32.5% high-purity urea. The blue colour is a visual pH indicator as a security and safety feature.

Quality Requirements And Test Methods

Our quality assurance guidance program describes how to safeguard the integrity of the aqueous urea solution in production, storage, distribution, and dispensing.

ISO 22241-2 & ISO 3675 Specifications

Guaranteed analysis (certified):

Urea content31.8–33.2% w/w
Density @ 20°C1.087–1.093 g/cm³
Refractive index @ 20°C1.3814–1.3843
Alkalinity as ammonia0.2%
Acidity (pH)9.6
Aldehyde< 5 mg/kg
Insolubles< 20 mg/kg
Phosphates (PO₄)< 0.5 mg/kg
Calcium< 0.5 mg/kg
Iron< 0.5 mg/kg
Copper< 0.2 mg/kg
Zinc< 0.2 mg/kg
Chromium< 0.2 mg/kg
Nickel< 0.2 mg/kg
Aluminum< 0.5 mg/kg
Magnesium< 0.5 mg/kg
Sodium< 0.5 mg/kg
Potassium< 0.5 mg/kg

Detailed analysis available upon request.

Process Introduction

TCI 2010 NOx Envirocare™ is designed for use in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology of diesel fuel powered motorized stationary and mobile engine applications to reduce NOx emissions and greenhouse gases.

Process Specificity

TCI 2010 NOx Envirocare™ is injected into the hot exhaust gas and there hydrolysed above 180°C to ammonia and reacted at the homogeneous extruded base metal SCR catalyst to convert nitrous oxides to nitrogen gas and water.