TCI 604 H.D.

Boat cleaner for marine scale, oxidation, algae scum & slime (ready to use)

Product Introduction

TCI 604 H.D. is a complex ready to use liquid formulation of environmentally friendly non-fuming, no-smell organic sequestering acids with stable biodegradable wetting agents.

TCI 604 H.D. is inhibited against metal substrate corrosion by 99.9% including aluminum. This product can be used indoors without the staff being overcome by fumes from muriatic acid. Equipment in the shop such as tools will not rust.

Application Procedure

This procedure is for trained personnel only.

Pleasure boat cleaning method: To start the cleaning process, set up the manufacturer’s approved chemical applicator system and regulate the operating air pressure to 340–400 kPa (50–60 psi). The system draws the cleaner directly from the shipping container and delivers it through a variable length discharge hose directly to the soiled surface without the cleaning crew having to risk splash hazard while handling. The pump will start and stop automatically by controlling the flow on demand at the shut-off valve on the applicator wand. The spray reaches all the dirty areas that a brush has no access to. Volume of spray can be controlled with different size chemical resistant nozzles.

No more handling WHMIS compliance regulated bottles or trigger sprayers that don’t work after one use. No product theft!

Caution: Do not spray TCI 604 H.D. directly onto a hot surface.

Use a pressure washer and walk around the whole unit being treated and thoroughly cool and wet the entire surface on a hot sunny day or any other time. The best cleaning time is early in the morning or evenings or in a controlled indoor environment.

Now apply the chemical solution as a spray to the entire body starting from the bottom and working up. Assure complete thin film coverage. Once the application is complete, re-apply the product to the remaining heavy encrustations and allow approximately a 5–30 minutes chemical exposure time. Exposure time is directly proportional to build-up thickness. Brushing is optional.

Rinse the entire body with high pressure (2500–3000 psi) cold water at close proximity (5–10 cm) starting at the bottom and consistently moving with a 10 cm fan or less in a horizontal pattern until the top is reached. Then rinse all residual chemical solution thoroughly from the top down. It is NOT recommended to use the down stream chemical injection device on the power washer.

Do not use hot water. It does not help the cleaning process. It only removes waxes and polishes, softens glues and adhesives behind pinstriping and identity letters and numbers.

This cleaning process does not generate a hazardous waste.

Process Introduction

The TCI 604 H.D. formulation effectively removes light to heavy deposits of residual rust, scale, lime, scum, slime and algae with little time and effort.

It is designed for the removal of marine deposits that accumulate on the wet portion during the boating season. Common surfaces such as fiberglass gel coat, painted and non-painted aluminum as well as vinyl stickers will not fade even with repeated use. After the cleaned surface dries, the original factory shine and lustre will be restored. Never use harsh alkaline cleaners on any surface especially fiberglass or accessories.

Precautionary notes

Do not mix this product with household bleach or swimming pool chlorine. Be careful to protect people, plants and animals, stationary and mobile property from wind drift. Read the product’s Safety Data Sheets.

Accessories on the boat and trailer such as light assemblies, reflectors, glass & mirrors, plastics, brass, stainless steel, hard chrome, decals, logos, wood, tarps, mud flaps or rubber tires and moldings are not altered or defaced by this chemical solution when used according to directions.