TCI 700 H.D.

Multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner/degreaser and salt eliminator concentrate

Product Presentation

TCI 700 H.D. features a new hydrocarbon soot, oil and road film solvent in the form of a super concentrated green liquid formulation that combines the cleaning ability of biodegradable detergents, environmentally friendly sequestering agents and mild buffered alkalies. Designed with phosphate free chemistry. The water adjustable concentration strength is based on the degree of soil complexity encountered in the transportation industry (trains, trucks & trailers (painted steel and aluminum, vinyl tarps etc.) utility trucks, aircraft, ships & boats, agricultural equipment, buses, RVs , cars and vans) at ambient temperatures. Safe on all common surfaces when used according to directions.

Process Introduction

TCI 700 H.D. is designed for exterior washing when applied with the manufacturer’s approved chemical applicator manifold system (see brochure) and sprayed as a light mist or foam directly from the mixing device onto the surface to be cleaned. It may also be applied directly with the syphoning mechanism of a power washer. The preportioned solution breaks the soil matrix quickly when agitated with a brush and rinsed with warm or cold water pressure at (2,000–3,000 psi).

TCI 700 H.D. is ideal for removing heavy encrustation of incomplete combustion by-products from exhaust ports, hydraulic oils, road film, bugs, vegetable oils and greases, engine oils and grease. The chemical solution rinses freely and is thus harmless to paint over time. This formulation improves light reflectivity by leaving a rich sheen behind.

Process Specificity

Functionally mix TCI 700 H.D. Concentrate at 2.5–10% in water depending on the soil matrix complexity.

The process can be implemented for the exterior cleaning of all types of painted surfaces, vinyl tarps & awnings, chrome, ferrous and non-ferrous metals (steel and copper), white metals (aluminum and magnesium) where daily or weekly maintenance will not tarnish or dull wheels, fuel tanks, bodies, stainless steel or truck accessories.