TCI 709 H.D.

Non-residual garage floor concrete cleaner for grimy soils (alkaline liquid)

Product Presentation

TCI 709 H.D. is a green liquid with an environmentally friendly solvent. This formula is a blend of builders with special buffers, low-foaming and biodegradable detergents, chelating agents and corrosion inhibitors.

Process Introduction

TCI 709 H.D. 10:1 premix is sprayed onto a sealed floor either manually or through the application system of a scrubbing floor machine.

TCI 709 H.D. has a zero salt solids formulation requirement. It will not leave any powder residues when the cleaned surface dries.

Process Specificity

Set the drum of concentrate near a water supply. Install our chemical proportioner to meter and premix the floor washing degreasing solution directly into the soap reservoir tank of the floor scrubber or wash bucket.

Apply a premix of the cleaning solution to the shop floor. Use a sharp edge scraper to loosen the compacted lumps of grease and mud. Proceed to agitate the soils for emulsification with water. This formulation removes all water hardness related soils eliminating the hazy film left behind with other cleaning products. Lower the squeegee boom and proceed to vacuum the residue. For a more thorough cleaning, go over the entire surface again with a clean solution of TCI 709 H.D. premix, brush with scubbers and vacuum in one sweep. Let air dry. Non-slip results.

Solution Disposal

The clean chemical solution is biodegradable, but according to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regulation 347, and local municipal by-laws the cleaning process may have generated a hazardous or liquid industrial waste in which case it must be:

  1. Discharged through a treatment system e.g. three-stage interceptor, or
  2. Manifested and removed by a licensed carrier and received by a licensed receiver accompanied by a Generator Registration Number, or
  3. Removed by a licensed carrier and received by a licensed receiver under a Service Contract providing a Garage License Number.

Contact Tetra-Chem Industries Ltd. for complete and complementary analytical tests in compliance with the regulations prior to sewer discharge.