TCI 722 H.D.

Livestock trailer excreta pre-soak (spray/foam) cleaning concentrate

Product Presentation

TCI 722 H.D. excreta pre-soak spray or foaming detergent liquid concentrate is a water dilutable, beige colour, biodegradable, heavy duty liquid formulation that combines the cleaning ability of a powerful detergent for animal waste, food residues with the grease cutting action of a saponifier in an alkaline medium. Variable strength in cold water is adjusted to the degree of soil complexity.

Process Introduction

TCI 722 H.D. is designed for brushless vehicle washing when applied with the manufacturer’s approved chemical proportioner applicator system (see brochure) and sprayed as a light mist directly from the mixing tank onto the surface to be cleaned. The preportioned solution breaks the soil matrix quickly which is then affected by a high pressure (2000–3000 psi) hot/cold water rinse.

The chemical solution rinses spot free and is thus harmless to paint and polished aluminum over time.

TCI 722 H.D. is ideal for removing heavy encrustations of bug splatter, manure, hard excreta from pigs, cattle and chicken encountered mainly with all regular agricultural equipment maintenance at ambient temperatures. The chemical solution rinses freely and is thus harmless to aluminum articles and paint over time. This formulation improves light reflectivity by leaving a rich luxurious sheen behind.

Process Specificity

Premix 5–20 L of TCI 722 H.D. concentrate to 200–180 L of water manually or with the recommended chemical proportioner depending on soil complexity and accumulated build-up.

TCI 722 H.D. is sprayed as a 10:1 dilution with water directly from the shipping container onto the surface to be cleaned. The solution penetrates the manure quickly when allowed to soak for 5–10 minutes for regular cleaning and ½ hour soaking for heavily caked units. The dissolved excreta is rinsed with warm or hot water at high pressure of 2000–3000 psi.