TCI 800 H.D.

Product Presentation

TCI 800 H.D. is a concentrated, ready-to-use, light amber, non-flammable, clear liquid solvent with a pungent organic acid odour. It is designed for extremely fast immersion cleaning applications of primary and cast aluminum as well as ferrous metal casting components found in the automotive, aviation, industrial and agricultural maintenance industry.

Process Introduction

TCI 800 H.D. is charged directly from the shipping container to a polyethylene vessel. Use only a manufacturer’s approved vessel which size is determined by the parts to be cleaned. The vessel should have ⅓ TCI 800 H.D. and ⅔ air space with a tightly sealing lid to retard evaporation.

Multi-metal intake manifolds, heads, pistons, valves, carburetors, transmission & fuel injector housings.

Process Specificity

TCI 800 H.D. is a concentrated homogeneous liquid solvent system with special additives to achieve fast, efficient and thorough removal of oils, greases, combustion by-products, carbon, varnish, gum deposits, all paints, oxide films, light rust and adhesives from mechanical components ready for machining and refinishing in minutes.

Operations Procedure

The work is immersed in TCI 800 H.D. for a period of 1–10 minutes depending on the complexity of the industrial soil matrix. After the cleaning process, the work is removed from the vessel and sufficiently drained to minimize drag out losses. The work is then transferred to the wash bay and rinsed with high pressure cold water and dried with hot water or forced air. Highly polished steel must be relubricated; steel bolts on aluminum castings must be sprayed with a light non-creaping stay-on oil.

For corrosion resistant organic alkali cleaning on multi-metals it is recommended to use TCI 801 H.D.


May deteriorate rubber and sensitive plastics e.g. Plexiglass upon prolonged contact. These materials swell and become brittle or disintegrate.

Consult manufacturer’s technical support below for safe and efficient applications and procedures.

Solution Maintenance

The solution strength is reduced or weakened by chemical reactions with alkali soils, sludge formation from paints, emulsification of oils and greases, and drag out losses. Periodic additions should be made as a basis for controlling the solution level. The components should be completely immersed in the solution to prevent stress potentials. This product has a long shelf life, and performance rating. Sluggish performance or a brown residual film is the best indicator of a spent solution.

PRECAUTION: All components being cleaned should not harbour excessive water. Also, avoid accidental addition of water or ethylene glycol antifreeze into the immersion solution — it will weaken the cleaning strength by emulsifying the active ingredients into a gel formation.

Solution Disposal

The clean chemical solution is biodegradable, but according to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regulation 347, and local municipal by-laws the cleaning process may have generated a hazardous or liquid industrial waste in which case it must be distilled by a solvent recycling system or manifested and removed by a licensed carrier and received by a licensed receiver accompanied by a Generator Registration Number or removed by a licensed carrier and received by a licensed receiver under a Service Contract providing a Garage License Number. Contact Tetra-Chem Industries Ltd. for complete and complementary analytical tests in compliance with the regulations prior to sewer discharge. Dry paint sludges can be disposed of in regular dry garbage. Rinsing of parts with water does not generate a hazardous waste to sanitary sewers or septic systems.