TCI 805 H.D.

Product Presentation

TCI 805 H.D. Paint and vinyl graphics stripper in aerosol or bulk is a clear viscous gel of concentrated solvents in a neutral medium to achieve very fast, efficient removal of paint and vinyl graphics.

Process Introduction

TCI 805 H.D. is designed for the topical application on vinyl graphics (e.g. decals, stickers, letters) as well as full murals on signs, trucks, trailers, buses, boats, cars, RVs, heavy equipment, etc. Due to its rapid penetration and neutral pH, deleterious effects on paint and fiberglass gels are not common, but should be given a precautionary test for safety.

Process Specificity

TCI 805 H.D. is applied to the vinyl graphics as a gel directly from the aerosol container or scoop the bulk stripper into a small plastic bowl, then using a horsehair brush, dip and spread a liberal amount onto the vinyl graphics surface to be removed. Once all the graphics are covered, a visible blistering occurs. Use a cold water pressure washer at 1000–3000 psi to remove the residue.

This product cannot be made to remove the vinyl glue or adhesive at the same time. To remove all the adhesive quickly, effectively and without much effort, squeegee the water off the surface first, then apply a spray of TCI 112 H.D. Biodegradable solvent vinyl graphics glue and adhesive stripper onto the adhesive. Allow about 1–15 minutes for large areas or agitate with a stiff brush on small areas. Time exposure is not detrimental to any surface. To remove dissolved adhesive simply power wash with cold water at 1000–3000 psi.


Although TCI 805 H.D. is safe on most metals, highly polished steel may flash rust if not immediately protected. Also, any aluminum alloy castings observed as frothing must be rinsed immediately. Product will deteriorate rubber seals and certain sensitive plastics e.g. Plexiglas upon prolonged contact.