TCI 950 H.D.

Extruded aluminum oxidation cleaner & polish with no residual chemical corrosion (ready-to-use)

Product Presentation

TCI 950 H.D. is a ready to use, corrosion inhibited, clear non-flammable liquid solvent formula. A non-ozone depleting halogenated hydrocarbon solvent, for broad spectrum degreasing of all types of metal surfaces. It quickly penetrates the organic soil structure and breaks it up into a solubilized solution for easy wiping with a saturated cotton cloth.

Process Introduction

TCI 950 H.D. is designed for wipe degreasing and applied with the manufacturer’s approved chemical application method. Dispense the solvent into a 1 litre flip-top plastic bottle from the shipping container. Saturate the centre of a cotton cloth with the solvent and wipe the metal surface to be welded.

The metal surface instantly dries film free. This fast drying solvent is especially suitable for degreasing metal seams to prevent possible welding splatter from trapped solvent in the molecular crystal structure of the metal even in critical locations.

TCI 950 H.D. is a pleasant, fast, efficient and very powerful solvent for environmental protection products such as oil-grease-tar-bitumen solubilization. This formulation demonstrates a greater degree of personal safety due to its low toxicity and is superior to varsol and alkaline degreasers in cleaning performance.

Process Specificity

TCI 950 H.D. may be applied in the industrial setting of aluminum fabrication on metal surfaces where oil, grease, bituminous deposits (e.g. tar and asphalt) are a quality control problem.

Apply a liberal amount of solvent to an absorbent cloth using a dish detergent type squirt bottle. Exposure may result in dry skin and a freezing sensation from evaporation. Although skin absorption may be minimal, practice good personal hygiene by wearing tight fitting comfortable gloves. Store product in air tight containers away from excessive heat.