QAC/glutaraldehyde disinfectant mixture

Product Presentation

Economical, user-friendly cleaner disinfectant with a unique synergistic blend of quaternary ammonium (antiseptic) and glutaraldehyde (broad spectrum germicidal), specifically formulated for use in animal and poultry housing facilities and hatcheries, swine producing facilities, equine facilities, ratite facilities, farm premises, calf pens, veal barns, as well as waterers, feeders, hauling and loading equipment, farm vehicles, farrowing barns, nurseries, blocks, creep areas and chutes. Non-corrosive properties of dilute formula eliminates the burning and irritation associated with other disinfectants.

Mode of Action Synergize uses the QAC to permeate and alter the structure of the cell membrane, allowing the Glutaraldehyde to drive inside the cell, attack nucleic acid, and destroy the microorganism. It is this mode of action that separates Synergize from conventional disinfectants. For decades, Glutaraldehyde has been used for the high level disinfection and sterilization of medical and surgical instruments because of its broad spectrum germicidal activity. Field Tested, Vet Recommended Synergize disinfectant.

Cold Weather Disinfection Protocol

  • +5 to –5°C: Winterized Synergize (–5°C)
  • –5 to –20°C: Winterized Synergize (–20°C)
  • –20 to –35°C: Winterized Synergize (–35°C)
  • –35 to –50°C: Winterized Synergize (–50°C)

Process Introduction

Synergize disinfectant was first introduced to pork producers at the 2003 Iowa Pork Congress. We were convinced at that time that Synergize was going to revolutionize the way producers think about disinfectants and biosecurity. And we were right Synergize provides the latest in disinfectant chemistry. It combines the proven germicidal ability of Glutaraldehyde with the superior detergency and penetrating action of Quaternary Ammonium Chloride (QAC). This creates a unique synergistic effect, providing broad spectrum germicidal activity Today, the results speak for themselves. It’s unique combination of high powered germicidal activity, user-friendliness, and competitive pricing have made Synergize part of the biosecurity protocol for many of today’s leading pork producers.

Process Specificity

It’s All About Performance! In trial after trial, Synergize has outperformed many of today’s widely used disinfectant compounds, including; phenols, quaternary ammoniums, peroxygens, chlorhexidines, chlorine dioxides, and formaldehyde/quat combinations. Most recently, data from Dr. Scott Dee of the University of Minnesota Swine Disease Eradication Center indicates that Synergize is the most effective product for the decontamination of PRRSV-positive transport vehicles, a primary route of PRRSV transmission between farms. And recent testing proves Synergize highly effective against Porcine circovirus (PCV2) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PEDV). It’s no wonder that Synergize has become the disinfectant of choice in today’s pork production industry.

In addition to it’s superior germicidal activity, Synergize’s patented formulation is extremely user-friendly. It has a pleasant pine fragrance and at recommended 1:128 to 1:256 dilutions yields a neutral pH, making it non-irritating to personnel and animals, and non-corrosive to buildings, equipment, and vehicles. This combination of power and safety make it ideally suited for use in nurseries, farrowing, breeding, finishing, and gestation rooms, foot baths, truck washing, fogging procedures, small equipment, and all areas within the pork production facility.

Manufactured by: Preserve International.